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Water / Sewer

Water Pressure Pipes

Dura-Line´s pressure pipes are manufactured in high density polyethylene and are perfect to satisfy the most specific requirements of water and fluid transportation. We have a wide range of diameters that go from ½” to 24” and with DR´s from 7 up to 41, assuring that you can choose the perfect pipe for the working pressure of your project.

Thanks to our technology and materials, our pipes have characteristics that make them superior compared to traditional pipe.

Advanced Characteristics

  • Different wall thicknesses and diameters
  • Thermofusion or electrofusion between pipes that guarantee a safe, reliable and 100% hermetic junction.
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Lightweight and highly flexible for faster, easier installations
  • Noncorroding, unlike metallic pipes
  • Abrasion resistance, perfect for mining material
  • UV Protection to avoid solar radiation
  • Impact absorption
  • Can be installed in any kind of terrain (sandy, rocky, mixed etc.)
  • Variety of colors and stripes

At Dura-Line we follow all national and international regulations available, that’s why our pipes are manufactured in black color, with color stripes according to the type of fluid you need to transport (water, sewage, treated water etc.) Furthermore, we are proud to have CONAGUA certifications for pipe manufacturing.

PE-3408  a 23°C for 50 years


9 14.0 56.0
11 11.0 44.0
13.5 9.0 36.0
15.5 8.0 31.0
17 7.0 28.0
21 5.0 22.0
26 4.0 18.0
32.5 3.5 14.0
41 2.7 11.0

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