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Industrial / Utility Gas

Gas Pressure Pipes

At Dura-Line we produce pressure pipes for utility and gas, in diameters that go from ½” up to 8”. Our pressure pipes are manufactured in medium or high density polyethylene, always following the highest quality standards to satisfy your proyect requirements. Dura-Line´s pressure pipes have superior resistance, yet they keep great flexibility and lightweight to guarantee a quick and easy installation.

Advanced Characteristics

  • Resistance and superior durability
  • Impact absorption
  • Variety of diameters that meet your requirements
  • Termofusion or electrofusion: aloud joints to have a reliable, safe and 100% hermetic sealed.
  • Resistance to chemical agents, will not rust or corrode, its not an electricity conductor and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Lightweigh: for an easy and fast installation
  • Shipped in reels and coils

At Dura-Line we stick to all national and international available norms, that’s why our gas pipes are produced in black color with coextruded (not painted) yellow stripes and in yellow color. Do no risk with other brands, with Dura-Line´s pressure pipes your project will be a success. 

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